Company will focus on objectives, clear strategies, capacity balancing, the method supporting the principles of strategic human resources planning. In the new year, we will confirm the company's future direction and organizational core values, thus design Boomingshing Medical core competence and leadership quality of the model, the company simultaneously Boomingshing the functions of the rank structure and the ability to post, and so the design management Career development system.

Boomingshing the corporate culture promotion system and is the core of the medical culture of excellence under the guidance of a culture of innovation. At present, Boomingshing’s goal is to win the world medical examination of the medical profession generally recognized in the formation of "industry capacity"based on the formation of "national capacity. " The goal of universal health care to positive development and the value of individual employees to pursue the perfect combination of culture system, training of staff in the sense of belonging and corporate values and core concepts of identity, while making every Boomingshing Medical staff achieving the goals of the process, the full realization of personal value and pursuit.

Human orientation is about the respect and cultivation of talented people as the first and foremost resource of a company. Human orientation is centered on the philosophy of respecting, cultivating, building and appreciating talented people, establishing competence and talent as the only standard of recruitment and promotion, and upholding the people with talents as the most valuable resource of a company. Harmony creates wisdom and unity generates strength. Boomingshing is willing to join hands with friends from around the world and make concerted efforts to achieve shared success. Boomingshing holds the cultivation of people, promotes the Confucius philosophy of benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom and faithfulness in the communication with people, and stresses the concept that handsome is as handsome does. Boomingshing not only aims high in business development but also makes a point of promoting the cultivation of people.

Accommodation:Provide meals (including holidays) for eligible employees to provide housing subsidies.
Leave arrangements:Eight hour working days, entitled to marriage leave, bereavement leave, maternity leave, paid annual leave.

Salaries and benefits:Medical, work injury, unemployment, maternity, old-age insurance; housing fund.

Promotion mechanism:Quarterly assessment, annual evaluation mechanism, when the annual performance of their jobs and pay an annual review.

Training arrangements:Skills training, business communication salon, training of young cadres.
Staff Activities:Basketball / football / badminton / table tennis, art club / Fun Games.